New Year’s Randori – Part 1

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Last Monday, northern Bavaria started the new competition year with the New Year’s Randori.

At the TV Erlangen, 30 children from the region met in the U13/15 base training for joint training under the direction of the state coaches Kai Brandes and Alexander Trost. The great partner situation was used for many duel games and randori forms, so that the children can start well-equipped for the upcoming tournament tasks.
The state coaches were particularly impressed that all the children persevered to the end. After the Christmas break, which means no training for many, this is not a matter of course.

Afterwards the U18 and older went on the mat. More than 50 athletes, nicely distributed across the age groups, stood on the mat here. Above all, the high proportion of judoka from the U18s was positive, as the Corona break had also left its mark in this age group.
After almost two hours of intensive training, characterized by forms of movement as well as throwing and standing randori, all athletes were enthusiastic about the start of the year.

As early as next week there will again be the opportunity for special training when U18 national coach Christopher Schwarzer comes to Bavaria. All competition-oriented judoka are cordially invited to the base training sessions on Monday in Erlangen, Tuesday in Abensberg and Thursday in Großhadern.
The times and age groups can be found in the advertisements under Dates.

Text and images: Alexander Trost




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