new sling of Laporta who files a complaint against La Liga

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Barça is embarking on a new revolt against La Liga. This summer, the Blaugrana have invested heavily in the transfer market to strengthen their team thanks to various economic levers activated. The Catalan management then decided not to sign the agreement with CVC Capital Partners, like Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Ibiza, which allowed the 38 signatory clubs to increase their wage bill by 15%. Barça, for its part, had asked to increase its own by 10% to “compete on equal terms”, which was refused by La Liga.

Barça files a complaint

Following this, as the daily explains Brand, FC Barcelona has therefore decided to file a complaint against the body. Joan Laporta, in open conflict with Javier Tebas, the boss of La Liga, takes a new strong position to try to move the lines in his favor. This summer, he had to wait to register his recruits precisely because of too large a payroll. This notably delayed Jules Koundé’s first appearance with the Catalans.

to summarize

Joan Laporta, the president of Barça, has decided to file a complaint against La Liga who did not authorize him to increase his wage bill by 10% this year. Clubs that signed the CVC deal, which the club did not, were able to increase by 15%.



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