New color VINTAGE of New Balance high performance basketball shoes “Two Wxy v3” appeared

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Shinichi Kubota) has released the third “Two Wxy v3” of the new shoes “Two Wxy” that unleash the talents of all basketball players. Color VINTAGE will be released. “Two Wxy v3” adopts “FuelCell”, which has excellent rebound resilience, and has design and functionality made for players who demonstrate excellent positionless performance from end to end of the court. It is an enhanced model. Two Wxy v3’s new color VINTAGE will be released exclusively at the New Balance official online store, New Balance Harajuku, and other New Balance stores.

Inspired by the synaptic firing of the brain, the “Two Wxy v3 Two Way” is designed for basketball’s split-second reactions: sudden accelerations, sudden stops, pivots and high-impact landings that occur throughout every game. Designed. The midsole continues to use FuelCell, which has excellent rebound resilience and is used in New Balance performance shoes for running, tennis, and baseball. In addition, the heel part is equipped with a unique material ABZORB that improves cushioning, realizing a responsive court feel and shock absorption. ABZORB DRS (Dynamic Response System) and TPU shank provide unparalleled stability and dynamic court feel for the modern TeamNB basketball player, paired with a lightweight molded mesh upper. , completed the TWO WXY v3 design. This new color was designed with the image of elegant fashion & lifestyle and high value “VINTAGE”.

FuelCell Two Wxy v3 (fuel cell two way)

Product number: BB2WY
Color: VH3 (SEA SALT)
Width/Size: 2E/25.0-29.0, 30.0cm Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)

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Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, New Balance is committed to “exercising responsible leadership, being proud to wear by athletes, proud to create by employees, and proud to embrace by the community. The mission of the company is to establish a global brand. Established in 1906 as a manufacturer of arch support insoles and corrective shoes that cure flat feet, etc., and now as a leading athletic brand company, we are developing footwear and apparel for running, lifestyle, tennis, baseball, football, and golf. doing. “Made in USA”, which has been manufactured in the United States for over 75 years, is a premium collection with a domestic ratio of over 70%. New Balance has five factories in New England, USA and one in Frimby, UK, and employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. Global sales in 2021 are reported at $4.4 billion.
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