NBA: Dennis Schröder’s colleague Austin Reaves wants to be in OUR national team – US SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

Does he dribble his way into the DBB team?

According to national team captain Dennis Schröder, his Lakers teammate Austin Reaves (24) is interested in a career in the German basketball team. “He spoke to me, he has family from Germany. He would definitely like to.”

NBA star wants to be in OUR national team.

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost 115-119 to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA on Thursday, Schröder also revealed: “I haven’t spoken to the association yet, but he’s definitely interested.”


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Source: BILD, Instagram, Twitter

In 2014 Dennis Schröder made his debut in the DBB team, in the summer they won bronze together at the European Championships. He now has 64 international matches under his belt. Will he be playing with his LA colleague soon?

Reaves is said to have had a German passport since last year, his grandmother is from Germany. The 24-year-old point guard impressed in his first NBA season last season and is one of the more important players in the Los Angeles Lakers. He has an average of 10.8 points, but is currently missing the record champions due to injury.



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