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Original title: The second national team men’s basketball team has high school students

China Sports News reporter Hu Jianhua

The Chinese Basketball Association recently announced the training list of the second national men’s basketball team for the 2023 U19 World Cup. The selection of two high school players Wang Junjie and Hu Tieyao has attracted a lot of attention.

Wang Junjie and Hu Tieyao from Hailiang Education in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province are the only two high school students among all the players selected for the second national team men’s basketball training camp. Hailiang Foreign Language Middle School is studying in Zhihe Department.

Wang Junjie, who was born in 2005, is 2.07 meters tall and weighs 92 kilograms. Under the influence of his father, who is a physical education teacher, he has liked basketball since he was a child, and he was already outstanding in elementary school in his hometown. After entering middle school, Wang Junjie performed well in the middle school field. He represented Zhejiang Hailiang Middle School in the national U-series competition and won the Most Valuable Player Award. The NBA Elite Program International Team also cast an olive branch on him.

Hu Tieyao is 1.88 meters tall and weighs 70 kilograms. He is the captain of the team. In the years of study, training and life in Hailiang Education, he can always strictly demand himself, care for and help his teammates, and under the guidance of the coaching staff and teachers , and can play a leading role in training.

As a basketball player and an ordinary high school student, both Wang Junjie and Hu Tieyao are facing the pressure of the college entrance examination and training competitions. “During the training, the coaching staff conducted professional training based on my strengths and weaknesses, and trained me who didn’t understand anything into a me who now has the correct three views and dreams, which benefited me a lot on the road of basketball. The teachers have very strict requirements on our study, and they will train in the afternoon, and in the evening, the teachers will sacrifice their rest time to patiently help us complete the study tasks.” Hu Tieyao said.

These two high school players were selected for the national team, allowing us to see the gradual results of the integration of sports and education, as well as the attention and investment of private schools and social forces in competitive sports.

Through years of operation, Zhuji Hailiang Education Management Group has formed a new campus sports model led by competitive sports, based on group work, and assisted by the sports industry. Currently, the second stage of the CBA regular season this season is being held in the Hailiang Education Park Gymnasium , this is already the third season of the CBA competition hosted by Hailiang Education Park Gymnasium.

In 2017, Hailiang Education established 9 competitive sports training programs including basketball, track and field, fencing, and shooting. In 2020, through resource integration and concentrated superior strength, it will create the “Key Projects of the Three Major Groups of Hailiang Education”, including shooting, swimming, and basketball. The project has achieved good results in Zhejiang Province, national and even Asian competitions.

According to the plan, the men’s basketball team of the second national team will conduct training in Haikou from January 26 to April 8, and then go to Serbia for training after the training. I look forward to Wang Junjie and Hu Tieyao, two high school players, who can gain more and grow faster in the national team training.


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