Natalio puts an end to the ghosts of Avilés: The blue and white striker scored the goal that gave the locals the three points

Avilés, 1-Polvorín, 0

Real Aviles: Davo Armengol (1); Pedro Orfila (2), Jorge Morcillo (2), Alvaro Mayorga (2); Javi Fontan (3), Jorge Fernandez (3), Edu Cortina (1), Juan Lopez (1), Ivan Serrano (1); Cousin Earl (1) and Natalie (1).

Changes: Isi Ros (1) for Natalio, min. 77.

powder: Julen Fernández (1); Carlos Torrado (1), Jesús Fernández (1), Iago Parga (1); David Rosón (1), Álex Fidalgo (1), Hugo García (1), Iago Novo (2), Martín López (1); Leandro Antonetti (1) and Dudu Taboada (1).

Substitutions: Jorge Gonzalez (1) for David Rosen, min. 50. Luis Castro (1) by Martin Lopez and Christian Martinez (1) by Dudu Taboada, min. 61. Ces Cotos (1) by Leandro Antonetti and Pablo Rubal (1) by Hugo Garcia, min. 76.

The goal: 1-0, min: 30, Natalio.

Referee: Lazarus Martinez (Logrono). Yellow cards for locals Natalio, Jorge Fernandez, Primo Conde, and for visitors Leandro Antonetti, Martin Lopez, Hugo Garcia, Iago Novo.

Suarez Gate: 800 spectators.

The fifth goal in the League by Natalio Lorenzo, withering in a scintillating start by Jorge Fernández, put an end to the Galician syndrome. After feeling incapable of winning against the seven rivals from the neighboring community that it had encountered in the last eight months, Real Avilés once again amassed three points, propitious to continue in the wake of the promotable ones.

The arrangement of three centrals seems to be booming and both Emilio Cañedo and Roberto Trashorras decided to present their respective casts. In the case of the realavilesino, Álvaro Mayorga entered, who, despite being one of the newcomers in the very busy winter market, fitted in without problems with the experienced Orfila and Morcillo. El Polvorín was very conscientious about reducing spaces and his stubbornness in keeping the defense at a distance from the area caused him problems every time the blue and whites practiced the long pass. The attacks by Jorge Fernández, the depth of Javi Fontán and the five corners produced on the Lugo goal in the first 20 minutes promised a prosperous morning, but the fact is that only Primo Conde, slow to set up the shot in the 14th minute, He looked ready to move the marker.

The one who became an involuntary promoter of the joy of the stands was Iago Parga. In the central circle, leagues from his zone, the central defender from Lugo practically handed over the bag, Jorge Fernández accepted it and, after a characteristic and brilliant gallop of more than 30 meters with a controlled ball, he served it for Natalio, getting ahead of the delayed defenders , will mock Julen Fernández with his left. The goalkeeper, who was also closer to the crescent than to the goal line, corroborated the positional mess of the Polvorín.

Apart from the goal, the best chance for Real Avilés had two instances, when they were three minutes into the second half. Jorge Fernández hung a ball in the area, Jorge Morcillo, diving, headed it to the post and, quick on the rebound, Primo finished off the crossbar. A couple of minutes later, Julen Fernández’s fists were heating up from a free kick launched by Jorge Fernández. From there, and with a world ahead, while the activity in the areas disappeared, the lack of control began at Real Avilés and the growth in the hopes of the Polvorín, which generated concern based on filtered passes on a pitch you are losing in quality. The vice-bottom player arrived fresher into the final stretch, but showed his lack of attacking resources against a Real Avilés team that, at least, can be pleased with starting the second round with better numbers than in the first.

Emilio Cañedo: “It was a competitive game”

“It was a very competitive game, with two different parts. In the first we had control and we adjusted the pressure well. In the second they found better spaces and accumulated more people behind,” analyzed Emilio Cañedo, Avilés coach, at the end of the victory of his pupils against the Polvorín. “I am happy with the team, we have competed very well,” said the coach, who was critical of his team and admitted that during the second half “we made several mistakes that we must work on. The best thing is that we have added three by three. The Last week we left with the feeling that we had played well and we lost. Today (for yesterday) we played a little worse and we won. They always give me the second feeling”, commented the man from Oviedo, who praised Mayorga’s game, one of the winter signings, to which he highlighted “his defensive tension”.


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