“Naples is a dream I’ve worked so hard on, we want to win everything! Over Spalletti and Kvara…”

Thoughts and words of the latest addition to Napoli, Bartosz Bereszynski, who landed in the blue as part of the exchange with Alessandro Zanoli

“I found a great group and we want to win everything”. Thoughts and words of the latest addition to the Napoli home, Bartosz Bereszynski, landed in blue in the context of the exchange with Alessandro Zanoli with Sampdoria. The Polish full-back released some statements to the microphones of Sportmediasetalso expressing his joy for the recent shirt change: “I worked so hard to achieve this dream. The first rumors came after the World Cup. There was the possibility of arriving here in Naples. The deal lasted 2-3 weeks because it also included Zanoli, who had to renew here first, and also Contini who didn’t come in the end. It was a nice Christmas and New Year’s present for me, it’s a great honor and I’m very happy.”

What does the opportunity to play for Napoli represent for you? “It’s something I’ve worked on throughout my career, this is my dream: to join a strong team like Napoli. We have our goals, we want to achieve them all.”

What group did you find? “Very nice! Even Zielinski, before coming, explained to me that in this dressing room they are all good guys. From the first day I felt great, it’s a great group”.

What kind of relationship did you establish with Spalletti? “It can be seen that the coach is very passionate about football, that every detail is important. With players of the level we have, you can do the right things. Spalletti has great determination.”

Who is the partner who impressed you the most? “Everyone. I always look at the wingers because I have to play against them in training: Kvara, Politano, Lozano and Zerbin are all good, all fast and can always go both right and left”.

Su Kvaratskhelia. “In training you can see that he has a lot of quality, facing him in the match isn’t easy, I have to always stay focused because he’s really strong at dribbling.”

Now comes the Cremonese in the Italian Cup. “We must always remain attentive, it’s a game that comes after a coaching change, so they’ll certainly give everything. We’ll have to be ready, from the first to the last minute. It won’t be easy, but we’ll try to show that we’re stronger.”

Are you aiming for the championship and the Italian Cup? “We always play to win everything, if there’s the possibility of winning both, we’ll try. But now let’s think about Cremonese, then about Sunday’s match. We need to think match after match”.

Is there still euphoria for the victory against Juve? “After the match it was wonderful to be in the locker room, we were all happy. Winning with Juventus like this was wonderful. But the coach also immediately told us to think about the next one, to think about our goals and to keep our feet on the ground We haven’t won anything yet, so we need to stay focused.”

Did Quagliarella teach you a few words in Neapolitan? “I’ve heard it many times, but I didn’t understand anything. I have to study Neapolitan, because for now I don’t understand anything, I’ll need some time”.



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