Mouth: Roberto Mouzo already has his statue

The president of the institution, Jorge Amor Ameal, officiated as host and praised the soccer and human virtues of a “man who left everything for Boca, always”.

Mouzo is out of the crack. We all love Mouzo. He deserved this a long time ago. Luckily we were able to fulfill the wish of thousands of Boca fans”, boasted the highest authority of the club.

“Mouth was and will be my life. my family knowssaid Mouzo, 70, who he played 183 of the 426 official matches (the player with the largest number of appearances) who played with the xeneize shirt in that Bombonera that will now house his statue like that of other heroes of the institution.

When they remembered the champions of ’77 and ’78 I couldn’t speak of the emotion. Now I came prepared”, highlighted the central defender who developed his career at the auriazul club, between 1971 and 1984. He then went through Estudiantes de Río Cuarto and Atlanta, where he finished his sports career.

“The Boca fans sang ‘Mouzo corazón, Mouzo corazón’ and I felt unbeatable. It was a time when we won everything”, he said in relation to the conformation of the teams that won the 1977 and 1978 Libertadores Cups, among other titles.

The event, which was attended by more than 250 people, including the protagonist himself, authorities, family, friends and former teammates of the former defender, took place in the central hall of the stadium located at Brandsen 805.

Many of his former teammates from those days were present: Francisco Manuel Sá, Jorge ‘Chino’ Benítez, Vicente Pernía, José María Suárez and Jorge Ribolzi. Other ex-Boca players also attended, such as Angel Clemente Rojas, Nicolas Novello and Miguel Nicolauamong others.

With Roberto we understood each other by heart” evoked Sá, who shared the defense with the honoree. On his side, Pernía recalled that “when we were champions of the Cup (Liberators) in Montevideo (1977) we stayed with Roberto celebrating at the hotel. so we were united“, I consider.

Through an audio, the former coach Carlos Bianchi was also present at the tribute, who exclaimed: “Roberto, I tell you that the statues deserve. And you deserve it like nobody else”, expressed the multi-champion DT

He also evoked his steps as a children’s coach in the entity, highlighting that under his management “pasaron cracks like Fernando Gago or Carlos Tevez”, he pointed out.

The five clubs (located in General Pico, Mar del Plata, Esquel, Roque Saenz Peña and Salto) that bear his name contributed financially to make the statue.

Mouzo, who shares with Silvio Marzolini the lead in superclassic matches played (29) throughout history, won six titles in Boca: Metropolitano 1976 and 1981; National 1976; Libertadores Cup 1977 and 1978 plus Intercontinental Cup 1978.

The statues of the so-called ‘Hall of Fame’ in Boca, next to the local dressing room, evoke the figures of Juan Román Riquelme, Ángel Clemente Rojas, Rubén Suñé, Silvio Marzolini, Antonio Rattín, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Martín Palermo and Roberto Mouzo plus that of the coaches Juan Carlos Lorenzo and Carlos Bianchi.


1 Roberto Mouzo 426 25
2 Hugo Orlando Gatti 417 0
3 Silvio Marzolini 408 10
4 Martin Palermo 404 236
5 Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya 400 0
6 Juan roman riquelme 388 92
7 Antonio Rattin 382 28
8 Ernesto Lazzatti 379 7
9 Rubén Suñé 377 36
10 Natalio Pescia 365 9
11 Robert Abbondanzieri 345 0
12 Peter Boniface Arico Suarez 334 2
13 antonio rome 331 0
14 Jorge Benitez 329 40
15 Hugo Ibarra 324 10
16 Sebastian Battaglia 313 24
17 Roberto Cherro 305 223
18 robert rogel 302 17
19 Guillermo Barros Schelotto 300 86
20 Carlos Sosa 294 9
21 Carlos Tevez 279 94
22 clement rodriguez 278 11
23 Victor Miguel Valussi 273 0
24 Jose Manuel Marante 269 10
25 Vicente Pernia 268 10
26 Diego Soñora 266 5
27 Diego Bitch 255 20
28 Rolando Schiavi 253 27
29 alfredo grace 250 83
30 Diego Fernando Latorre 242 77




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