Mother of 3 Kate Middleton reveals trick to stay in shape

Kate Middleton is a very busy woman. However, the Princess of Wales always manages to find time to work out. This week, it hosted the Rugby Football League team to celebrate the team’s victory in a world championship. Upon welcoming them, Kate shared a little bit of how her mornings are at home and revealed how she finds time in her mother’s routine to work out.

The Princess welcomed the members and coach of the English rugby team and congratulated them on their victory.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mirror, one of the athletes asked if Kate goes to the gym and she immediately replied: “I run after the children. But whenever I can, I fit exercise into my routine. I even jump on the trampoline with my kids before school.”

The players then invited Kate and her family to join the team in training. “I would love to come and play,” she said, smiling. “There is no excuse. We’ll have to do a family workout.”

The couple visited a hospital in Birkenhead, England

Kate and her husband, Prince William, are parents to 9-year-old George; Charlotte, 7; and Louis, 4. Like the couple, the royal children grew up as daring athletes and inherited the same interest.

“We are always a little competitive with each other. Here everyone loves sports and Louis is crazy about rugby,” she said. “They are at an age where they love to run around.”

In an interview for the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast in 2020, Kate had already revealed her family’s passion for activities and adventures. During the conversation, the princess said that her favorite moments with her family are “out there in the country and all dirty”.

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Kate is a sponsor of the Rugby Football Union

At the meeting, Kate told the players that she watched the final of the tournament on television with her family. The England team defeated France in a 28-24 victory. The milestone thrilled the team as it was the team’s first World Cup victory since the inaugural wheelchair tournament in 2008.

Kate assumed the former role of Prince Harry and is now a sponsor of the Rugby Football Union, England’s rugby league, since February 2022. The princess received the support of Queen Elizabeth, taking over her brother-in-law’s royal positions.



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