More than four million dollars in two weeks: the succulent booty of an unstoppable Jon Rahm


After two consecutive victories on the PGA Tour, he is aiming for a third this week at Torrey Pines, his talisman course.

Jon Rahm, with the trophy, along with his wife and children.GETTY | AFP
  • American Express Rahm seals another victory in the most brilliant start of Spanish golf

Jon Rahm He is the fashionable athlete, the best golfer of the moment. He has his life in Phoenix, along with his wife and their children. Kepa y of mineboth Americans. However, he does not forget his roots. He has put Barrika on the map and speaks of Spain in all his appearances. He likes to win, he is obsessed with making history books and dreams of making golf a popular sport in Spain. His winning streak of success contributes to all of this. Two for two on the PGA Tour, and this week competing at Torrey Pines, his talisman course.

It was there that he won his first regular tournament, his first major and where he celebrated his American wedding with Kelley. The last golfer to start the year with two victories was, in 2017, Justin Thomas. A few years back in 2003. Ernie Els achieved the same feat, although the one who was closest to signing a historic triplet was Tiger Woods in his magical year 2000. He began his season by winning at Hawaii and Pebble Beach, and was second in the Buick Invitational.

Rahm has within his grasp this week to mark another milestone in the history of modern golf. After his two victories in his first two appearances, he aspires since Thursday to win three consecutive PGA Tour tournaments, an atypical dominance in a sport like golf, where number 1 usually loses 90% of their tournaments.

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Gone are past times with less competition, where Byron NelsonFor example, he set a record for posterity by winning eight consecutive tournaments, or Tiger’s supernatural success percentage numbers, when in his best years he averaged 27% wins. With his win this week, Rahm’s data is approaching 12% effectiveness, the second best percentage in the history of modern golf.

The good game of these two victories has provided her with a succulent loot of 4.1 million dollars in 15 days of competition, rising in the historical list of earnings to 21st place, with almost 40 million dollars won in prizes in the United States. To this succulent figure we had to add the money earned in Europe and advertising contracts. However, dollars have never been the motivation of the Spanish player, if not the records. In fact, his triumph leads him to nine victories on the PGA Tour, the same as Severiano Ballesteros.

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Rahm is only two wins away from matching with Sergio Garcia, the most successful Spaniard on the other side of the Atlantic. The Basque assesses having hunted down Seve with some reservations. Yeah, well, you should put a little asterisk next to that figure. Seve did not play full time on the PGA Tour. So the fact that he had nine wins is pretty spectacular. I have been lucky enough to be able to follow in his footsteps in many of the things that he has done and if I ever manage to get past some of them it will be amazing to me.

His tribute to Ballesteros does not end there. My father started playing golf because of the ’97 Ryder Cup and Seve’s captaincy. That’s basically why I’m here. That is why Seve’s legacy is so important to me. When it started there were 30,000 licenses. After his death, 300,000. If I can make golf even more popular in Spain, I will be a happy man.

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