miraculously unharmed. “Here’s How I Saved Myself”

Conor McGregor victim of a bad accident today in Ireland while training on the bike. The MMA fighter was hit by a car that was coming up behind him at full speed. Incredibly, McGregor escaped the crash unscathed, with only a few scrapes. It was the Irishman who recounted the incident with a post on Instagram, accompanied by photos and videos documenting everything: «The driver didn’t see me because of the sun. Full speed ahead straight at me. Thank God, it wasn’t my time.’

McGregor run over, how did he save himself?

But how did “The Notorius” get out of the crash unscathed? «Thanks to wrestling and also to judo: knowing how to land saved my life». However, in a video published shortly after McGregor did not hide the fear of what happened: «I could have died, guys. I’m lucky to still have my life here with me.”

The driver, who immediately stopped to help the fighter, confirmed that he hadn’t seen the bike because he was blinded by the sun. McGregor immediately reassured the man, telling him he had no intention of pressing charges. The two then got into the car together: McGregor needed a ride home as his bike was unusable after the crash.



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