Michael Kors presents his Holiday 2022 collection

The winter holidays are the ideal pretext to venture on a trip with Michael Kors as our ideal companion. From traveling to our favorite destination, enjoying our city or celebrating at the home of our loved ones or the best hotspotsthis season of the year is characterized by incredible adventures.

It is the last stretch of the year and the ideal pretext to pamper ourselves. We did our best, we met our goals, we succeeded and now we deserve a reward. We may have a trip planned or we may be looking for a luxury item to accompany us on that adventure and/or in our daily life.

A good pair of sneakers, which are versatile to adapt to our routine but add a touch of glamor to our wardrobe sounds like an excellent option. It can also be a practical backpack that is both functional and memorable and accompanies us on that end of the year adventure we have planned.

Whatever the case, the Michael Kors Holiday 2022 collection has the ideal option for you, to accompany you on the trip, in your busy December routine or even to be the best destination to find that iconic gift.

The first step

Casual Lucas platform sneakers in black leather.Courtesy Michael Kors

A good by tennis It is essential for this season of the year. If you have planned a trip or days of intense partying, you need footwear that is comfortable, functional, but that stands out from the rest and adds personality to your looks. Michael Kors It has various models of sneakers that can be attractive for different moments.

Miles Trainer sneakers in brown with contrasting details.Courtesy Michael Kors

Los tennis Miles Trainer They can be ideal for touring the city or your favorite destination. Its comfortable casual design will accompany you throughout the day. It is a model in different shades of coffee with contrasting details. The textures, colors, and the monogram on some of the materials make the Miles Trainer stand out and add a touch of glamor to more casual outfits.


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