Medellín suffers unexpected loss for its debut in Copa Libertadores | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Independiente Medellín did not start the year with good news. In the last hours it was learned that one of his references would seek to leave for Argentina, despite being in the plans of David González and the board of directors for the tournaments of this 2023, which includes the Copa Libertadores.

The Argentine midfielder Adrián Arregui, who signed with DIM in 2019 and in the midst of a pandemic, alleging personal problems, managed to be transferred to soccer in his country, apparently he does not want to continue in the FPC and would seek to leave for Temperley, a second category team in Argentina.

The journalist Pipe Sierra said that “Adrián Arregui (30) will no longer continue in the DIM. The midfielder has already expressed to the leadership – who had him in the 2023 plan – his desire to return to Argentina. In the next few hours he defines his termination. In the ‘Powerful’ they already know that their new club will be Temperley”.

If his departure is confirmed, the midfield benchmark would become a hard loss for the Colombian runner-up, thinking about the second phase of the Copa Libertadores that begins on February 22 against the winner of the first phase between El Nacional, from Ecuador, and National Potosí, Bolivia.

The truth is that a sector of the fans, who received him with open arms when he returned in mid-2021, after playing with Huracán and Independiente, have shown their annoyance through social networks for his untimely decision to leave the DIM . For now, there is no official information regarding the future of Arregui. Will he leave “disappointed” to the fans?



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