Medals do not understand ages in Athlos

Medals do not understand age at Club Athlos, which continues to accumulate prizes in sub13, sub17 and senior categories.

Club Athlos athletes are used to achieving a good number of medals in each competition in which they participate.

Medals do not understand ages in Athlos

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These achievements have a special merit if we look at the age disparity of the medalists. Both in the senior category and in competitions for minors, Club Athlos achieves valuable medals.

In the last U13 and U17 National Masters held in Vigo, 12 athletes from Athlos competed under the watchful eye of their coaches Sara Galicia and Antonio Iglesias. The good level shown by these youngsters allowed them to return to Ourense with three medals.

  • Silver medal
    Daniel Álvarez and Antón González – U13 men’s doubles
  • Bronze medalls
    Daniel Álvarez in sub13 men’s singles
    Xoel Álvarez in U17 men’s doubles (with Adrián Rodríguez from CB As Neves)
Medals do not understand ages in Athlos

The medals achieved by the young athletes in Vigo had their response in the N4 Senior National Master that was held in Vitoria. There, Dolores Sarmiento and Fco. Javier Galicia competed against players from all over Spain showing a high level. The result of this participation was the bronze medal obtained by the player from Club Athlos.

  • Bronze medal
    Dolores Sarmiento in women’s singles C1-C2-D
Medals do not understand ages in Athlos



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