Matías Mier moves away from Melissa Martínez: he leaves Colombia | Where will Mier play in 2023? | soccer trivia

Matías Mier made a decision for his peace of mind, to fulfill his life and career dreams, and perhaps to escape so many comments that continue to link him to Melissa Martínez, his ex-wife.

The Uruguayan soccer player announced this Sunday that he was leaving the country and immediately got on a plane to leave the country and get away from his notorious broken relationship, due to an infidelity with a communicator who worked at Independiente Santa Fe, the last team of the Uruguayan .

With no market in Colombian soccer, Mier thanked the “country that welcomed me from the first day I arrived, the place where I met thousands of people, where I lived unforgettable moments and learned a lot. I’m leaving my second home Colombia. It only remains to say THANK YOU.”

Mier explained that “it’s not goodbye, it’s a see you soon because I’m going to fulfill my dreams but I’ll be back with the people I love.”

However, he did not specify if he found a team in another country and is going to continue his football career, or to implement other plans.

Mier was not alone this Sunday at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, as he was seen with his current partner, Valentina Rendón. However, it is not certain if she accompanied him to say goodbye or traveled with the 32-year-old Uruguayan.



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