LMP: Cañeros stops Algodoneros and caresses the title in the 2023 Final

Baseball has once again demonstrated one of the oldest maxims in the discipline: no game is the same as another. One day after suffering a crushing defeat on both sides of the ball, Darrell Torres and Fabian Cota they stopped the offense that the night before had 14 hits, Roberto Valenzuela and Juan Uriarte they returned to being the headache that they became during the first two games of this Final 2023 and the Cañeros de Los Mochis defeated the Algodoneros de Guasave 4-1 in it game 4 this Wednesday, January 25, to be placed within the law of a victory to become the new champions of the ARCO Mexican Pacific League (LMP).

Cañeros moves to 3-1 in the championship series of the Pacific League and could be crowned in rival territory this Thursday, January 26 when the game 5meeting scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in Sinaloa, 8:30 p.m. in the time of central Mexico.

The Mochis is closer than ever to get that desired title that has been denied them for 20 years and two finals lost on that road. The last time they were crowned was in the 2002-03 season.

“Tomorrow’s game is one more game, obviously we know what it means,” said Cañeros’ manager, José Moreno, in the conference after the game. “We are mentally ready, that’s what we’re here for: to play it and win it.”

After being limited to two hits in the previous game, Cañeros’ offense began with a bang with a triple of Justin Dean who scored the first run of the game in the first entry thanks to a RBI hit by “Tito” Valenzuelaone of the heroes in the comeback of the game 2 for Los Mochis. Juan Uriartewho drove in five runs in the first two games, gave the hit with which Valenzuela put the board 2-0.

Already with the advantage, the cane opener Darel Torres began with the necessary confidence that led him to receive his first hit until the fourth inninga double by Jesse Castillo that ended up scoring after Joey Terdoslavich singled.

Just up by the low in the fifth, Rodolfo Amadorwho left Algodoneros on the field last Sunday, He was also key again for Los Mochis by giving a single that allowed Justin Dean to file into the pentagon. Despite a good throw from the right fielder that seemed to leave the ball for the out at home, Dean slipped from catcher José Heberto Félix’s touch to make it 3-1.

Edgar Robles sentenced the game with a home run that raised the scattered fans of the Cañeros from their seats while the rest of the park remained seated, some people cheering and asking for a reaction from their Cottoners.

After a grand opening Torreswho pitched 5.0 innings of a run and only three hits, Fabián Cota relieved him calling into question his tag as a reliable reliever this year coming to have corridors in the corners. The reaction that the local public was asking for so much was before her eyes, but Cota once again left the majority of the Kuroda Park fans seated dangling a golden zero.

In fact, the relief of Cota became even more relevant after complete 3.1 scoreless inningsleaving the game to the closer Juan Gámez who finished the game without surprises.



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