Lizarazu fuels the fire in France even more: “The 12 years of Deschamps are a lot for a dressing room…”

Bixente Lizarazu, French former player, analyzed in The team the complicated situation surrounding the French team after the latest events where Deschamps was renovated and Le Graet had to leave your post after a few words where he disrespected Zidane.

Contract too long: “The continuity should have been two more years and we’ll see after the Eurocup. It seemed healthier to me, especially since Didier will have already had a twelve-year lease at the helm of the Blues. It’s a lot for a dressing room… “.

On Le Graët’s goodbye: “It was the right decision. Retiring was the least the comex could do. What’s crazy is having come to this when we’ve just played a World Cup final. But Noël Le Graët’s launch at Zidane was the last straw Having won three Champions League with Real Madrid, he is also a legitimate candidate to be the coach of the national team and has never hidden his desire to be one day, without going beyond declaring his availability and his love for the France team We should all be happy with this and the president of the FFF comes first, instead of talking about Zidane with such disrespect.”

Phrases with dart: “Zidane is a legend of French football and touches all the French. Because we were able to hear directly in this interview the contempt he could have for a player as emblematic as him. People reacted spontaneously. I also think Kylian’s quick reaction marked a lot Mbappé. Noël Le Graët has been a leader of stature in the past. For several months, even years, there are behaviors or speeches that challenge and that cannot last any longer. Noël Le Graët, I met him when he was a player for the France team , he was in the delegation, he was a brilliant leader. But today, he is not the same person.”

About ZZ: “He is a myth. He has no rivalry with Deschamps. He wants to train at the highest level and win. He revealed himself in the coaching profession, he has already made history with Real Madrid. Now he wants to do it with the Blues because, for him, there is nothing above the French team. It’s normal, it’s his history and it’s his destiny. For me, anyway, there can be no sporting rivalry with “Zizou”! He’s the best of us, he’s an icon of French football and There is Platini in the generation of ’82 and Zizou in that of ’98. Even as a coach he did something incredible, never seen before, with this hat-trick in the Champions League”.



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