LIVE TMW – Lazio, Sarri: “Milan is an opportunity for us. Juve penalty? At school…”


Eve of the big match in Formello for the Laziowho will face the Olimpico tomorrow Milan, ahead by 4 points. The Biancoceleste coach will present the game at 2.00 pm Maurice Sarri is expected at the press conference. Follow the live text on!

14.01 – The press conference begins.

Which Lazio will serve to contain Milan’s desire for redemption?
“First of all, don’t be superficial and have the awareness of facing the Italian champions. They have always put us in difficulty, we cannot think of not encountering obstacles tomorrow. Pioli’s team will be more motivated than usual. However, the match offers us a great opportunity, this too must be in our heads. We have to exploit it, even if we see the best version of Milan. I don’t believe much in the bad condition of the Rossoneri.”

Felipe Anderson all Mertens?
“He’s strong and can do well anywhere. Dries is perhaps more offensive and attacked the area better. Felipe can give us a lot as a winger. He is close to him, he is a strong player who, unlike last years, is finding continuity ”

What effect does it have to see Juventus behind?
“We don’t have to think about it, it’s a completely evolving situation. Last night I saw two very very strong teams. The goal is to give 100%. I haven’t heard any comments from the players about the Juventus penalty. It’s irrelevant for us.”

How has Lazio changed compared to the three defeats against Milan last year?
“Hopefully we have grown a lot. In single game we can compete with everyone. Last year they proved to be stronger, even last year in the third game when we were level for an hour. Let’s evaluate tomorrow how much we have grown and how long we can stay in the game”.

Offensive solutions:
“We need to have more forwards at this level to have more rotations. If we continue to play with these three, sooner or later we will pay for it.”

How is Milinkovich doing?
“He suffered his return from the world championship, perhaps less than the others. In the last two games he has played more seriously and less spectacularly. He took the right path. If he continues to play with this application, removing some frivolity, when he returns to 100% of the condition he will give us a huge hand ”.

You praised Luis Alberto, has the time come to line him up in a challenge like this?
“I think the choices come based on training, I’m seeing him in condition, the most in condition. The choices will be logical, unless I see him particularly tired today, but I don’t think so”.

Are you satisfied with Romagnoli’s performance?
“In terms of characteristics it is particularly suitable for how I want the line to move. Lead the defense in a careful and applied manner. I’m very happy with him.”

How much will tomorrow night’s result count in your head? The cups will start again…
“They are important matches, they certainly leave some positive or negative signs. But the strength of a team is to look forward. Then it will be played every 3 days, so it is useless to be influenced by what happened. The hope is that it does not affect in any case ”.

He said he talks about the transfer market on Mondays, because in Figline Valdarno the transfer market is on Tuesdays. So today we can talk about it…
“We talk about it in the evening at dinner…we talk about what we need and we organize ourselves. If you want and you need I’ll take you to the cheese counter. The bench of attackers? I don’t care, tomorrow I have to play with Milan, the champion team of Italy. Now the only thing I can do is recover Immobile”.

How is Immobile doing?
“Tomorrow or Wednesday he will do other checks. The sensations are good, let’s hope that the good sensations are confirmed by the tests”

Did you get an idea about Juventus’ penalty?
“The subject I did worst in at school was law, because I was bored, so I can’t tell you.”

What does Lazio lack to grow like Milan?
“Give yourself an answer. Milan are a very strong team, they have taken on strong young players. And then he was able to spend 28 million for De Ketelaere, which means that theirs is a sustainable difficulty. They have made an extraordinary journey, they have grown, the club has intervened to improve the team. They were in decline, in 3 years they have revived the team, but it’s not just an economic question”.



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