Lionel Messi Was Insulted by His Former Boss in Barcelona, ​​Called a Got Rat and a Dwarf


Former Barcelona player, Lionel Messi (left), was called a sewer rat and dwarf by former Barcelona officials.

BOLASPORT.COM – Lionel Messi is reported to have been the target of a shocking insult from a former Barcelona board member via the WhatsApp messaging application.

According to the Sport report quoted by, the WhatsApp messages from the former Barcelona directors were leaked to the public.

The contents of the WhatsApp messages were also reportedly very astonishing.

In the leaked WhatsApp message dated January 31 2021, it was stated that former Barcelona officials, including Roman Gomez Ponti (Law), Oscar Grau (Chief Executive Officer), and Josep Maria Bartomeu (President) are said to have insulted Lionel Messi.

They allegedly insulted La Pulga after details of Messi’s contract were leaked to the press in 2021.

Syadhan, the worst insult was made by Ponti by calling Messi a rat.

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Apart from that, Ponti also called the player who is currently under the auspices of Paris Saint-Germain a dwarf.

“Barto, to be honest, you can’t be a good person with these rats,” said Roman Gomez Ponti, quoted by from Sport.



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