Liliana Martinelli Miss Europa Silver Italia

Liliana Martinelli Miss Europe Silver Italy, between Judo, Cinema, Television and Fashion lives in Genoa and dreams of the world

Liliana Martinelli Miss Europe Silver Italy, between Judo, Cinema, Television and Fashion lives in Genoa and dreams of the world

Liliana Martinelli Miss Europe Silver Italy was born on 16 July 2001. She is Italian and lives in Liguria and precisely in Genoa. You studied and graduated in a school specializing in clothing and fashion. She has a good relationship with her family and is particularly attached to her younger sister, feeling the duty to protect her from everything and person.

Since she was a child she dreamed of being a model because she loved and still loves being the center of attention and posing for photographers. Growing up, she also became passionate about the world of cinema and entertainment.

She started this journey like many girls by signing up (as soon as the covid restrictions ended) in one of the many beauty contests as pure fun but having not had any previous experience, she didn’t get the desired results. So she decided to enroll in a bearing course where she received various first theoretical and then practical advice, thus having the opportunity to learn and understand how to wear the various items of clothing, definitely improving her bearing and increasing her self-esteem.

He says that it is not easy to enter this world, you need a lot of determination and a constant desire to learn. Thanks to her, her mother who often follows her compatibly with her commitments, as she did previously when she was involved in the sporting activity at a competitive level of Judoka. She claims that regrets are better than remorse, she reports that she has some regrets, but that she is also happy to have them. She has the advantage of trying to put people around her at ease with her liveliness and cheerfulness, while the defect is stubbornness, she declares that when she sets out to achieve a goal she tries to get it by force, thus trying to achieve it.

By enrolling in the Miss and Mister Europe contest she was a regional finalist acquiring the opportunity to participate in the National Final at the Grand Hotel Azzurra in Lido Adriano where she won the title of Miss Europe Silver Italy.

From here came various articles in local and national newspapers, film auditions from where the director Antonio Bonifacio chose her as the protagonist of his next film (starting shooting in mid-February) she was present on the Red Carpet of the Rome Film Festival, has already recorded an episode of I Soliti Ignoti as Unknown, with Amadeus on Rai 1 broadcast on Sunday 15 January and will also participate in the Sanremo Fashion Week for a photographic shot scheduled for February 8 while on February 9 at the prestigious Villa Ormond in Sanremo will be the protagonist of an important fashion show with Italian, French and Spanish stylists.

We can only wish Liliana many more satisfactions and successes.



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