Ligue 1: PSG have prepared a ‘messinico’ contract for the new Leo ‘world champion’

We have to wait. It will take a few weeks, but, as MARCA already announced in July 2022 and ratified in December, PSG and Leo Messi intend to sign, with a new contract, the renewal of the Argentine star, who ends his relationship next June. We already announced that before the World Cup, Jorge Messi, who will arrive in Paris in the coming weeks, and the Parisian club agreed to renew the star, the duration being (one more year, two more years or one more year) and the amount ( player’s salary) the two aspects that still need to be forged. In Paris, it is literally assured that it is “an impossible proposal to be rejected.”

Something is clear: Messi He wants to continue playing in Paris. There he is happy; your family has already adjusted; and the French entity is delighted to have the new captain of the world champion, Argentina, in its ranks, even if it was against France, parent country of the Parisian franchise. But everything remains at PSG: championship (Leo) and runner-up (Mbapp).

The PSG rubs their hands before this new contract that, on the one hand, will involve a large outlay, but, on the other, will report enormous benefits. We explain ourselves.

The new salary

Leo earns about 30 million clean euros in Paris. Despite his age (35 years), it is clear that a world champion Messi is worth more than what has been perceived up to now. So, on that side, the club will have to dig deep.

Retreat in Paris

But the above is not worrisome because the club wants to make profitable and capitalize, for all intents and purposes, Leo’s status as ‘world king’. First of all, in income, which we will break down later, but also in image. The idea of ​​PSG is to capitalize worldwide that the withdrawal from competitive soccer -even if Leo later goes to an MLS- occurs in PSG, reducing the undeniable identification of the star with Bara. ‘Leo retires in Paris’. This is the slogan that PSG wants to transmit to the future and what, at the image level, can give it revenue and credibility.

new income

Commercially, the world champion Leo also has a different price, and the club knows it… for the better. PSG intends to improve, which is difficult but possible, the benefits it has had up to now after the signing of Messi.

Leo, with the Cup.AFA

Let’s review. Messi’s landing in the ‘City of Light’ had a direct impact on PSG. According to the Argentine ‘El Economista’, the club’s income increased by around 700 million euros, only in the first year that the Argentine wore his colors, and that he did not win the Champions League. But the arrival of Leo led to the attraction of up to 10 new sponsors, with an increase in the business of contracts with them, which went from costing between 3 and 5 million to being worth between 5 and 8. Some of these sponsors are brands such as Dior, Gorillas,, PlayBetR, GOAT, Snart Good Thins, Volt, Big Cola, Sports Water, and Autohero.

Messi’s impact created an exponential increase in the number of T-shirts sold. PSG sold, in numbers of its first season, more than a million units, between 90 and 160 euros each, more than 60% of them with the name of the Argentine star. The demand grew between 30% and 40%. Through its sponsorship agreement with Nike, PSG enters around 75 million euros a year, in a contract that extends the relationship between the brand and the club until 2032.

And all this is what they want to increase with the new contract beyond 2023, a contract that is cooked up and about to be put on the table in a few weeks.

Wednesday could return … or not

In the sports part, tomorrow, Wednesday, may be the day Messi returns to the field with his club, although his participation is not certain. Being at home, in Ligue 1, and against Angers (9:00 p.m.). The club devises a prior tribute and Leo will be able to go out to the center of the field to offer his champion trophy, of ‘king’ of the football universe. And it will also be, and in a few days, with a new “messianic” contract.



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