LeBron James has scored 40 points against each of the 30 NBA franchises

Tonight, LeBron James became the first player in history to score 40 points against each of the 30 active NBA franchises. As in Asterix, a team resisted the invader again and again. Not like in Asterix, this team ended up giving in to the inevitable.

Alone at the top.

New holder of a record that before him, no competitor – not even the most dominant – dared to eventualize (well yes, there may be one). Tonight, for the reception of the Clippers, LeBron James became the first player in history to score 40 points against each of the 30 NBA franchises in activity. All this while he is only 178 points away from putting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the retro, and thus becoming the All-Time leading scorer in the League. Pfiou, the impression of reaping the fruits of 20 years of labor in a single season. “Hey TrashTalk, the Lakers lost tonight. You only remember the stats…”. You’re very nice but for once: yes, we will only remember the stats. 46 points at 9/14 from the parking lot for the Hollywood Boulevard crown. His teammates now form a criminal association under criminal law. It is criminal to be so little supported in this race to rebalance the balance sheet. That’s not the point, LeBron has now scored 40 points against all NBA franchises in éssébo activity.

To draw a completely innocuous comparison with Michael Jordan, the No. 23 from Chicago scored “only” 33 points against the Grizzlies, 38 against Toronto, and – of course – 29 against the Bulls. It’s a little distorted: the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors only saw the light of day in 1995. MJ was then 32 years old, still putting down some serious cards, but his best scoring seasons were already behind him. And then for Chicago… well, it’s already very strong to have slammed 29 points. Michael changed his franchise for the first and only time at the age of 38. It would therefore have been complicated to lay 40 plates while the knees were beginning to rust severely. What, LeBron can still do it? We won’t get into your game.

LeBron James career high against each of the 30 NBA franchises:

  • 61 points against the Bobcats/Hornets
  • 57 vs. Wizards
  • 56 vs. Warriors
  • 56 against the Raptors
  • 55 against the Bucks
  • 52 against the Knicks
  • 51 against the Heat
  • 51 against the Magic
  • 51 against the Kings
  • 51 vs. Grizzlies
  • 51 against the Jazz
  • 48 against the Rockets
  • 48 against the Hawks
  • 47 against the Pacers
  • 46 against the Cavs
  • 46 against the Suns
  • 46 against the Mavs
  • 46 against the Lakers
  • 46 against the Clippers
  • 45 against the Timberwolves
  • 44 against the Thunder
  • 44 against the Blazers
  • 44 against the 76ers
  • 44 against the Blazers
  • 44 vs Hornets/Pelicans
  • 44 v Spurs
  • 43 v Celtics
  • 43 against the Nuggets
  • 42 against the Nets
  • 41 against the Bulls

Must sleep well when returning from matches. Possibly the most flashy bulleted list of all time. But not the ” flashy “ that anyone can afford with bundles, no no. The flashiness of a guy who carries twelve others every evening on his broad shoulders. The flashiness of a hard worker who deserved to catch our eye. It could even literally hit us in the eye that we would love. You know the editor who goes into bizarre delusions.



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