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Surprise falls Real of Charles Ancelottiand the Spanish Super Cup thus ends up in the hands of Barcelona Of Xavi, to his first title as manager of the blaugrana. A 3-1 without discussions, where the only goal of the Blancosof the last Ballon d’Or Karim Benzema, arrived in the 93rd minute. Ancelotti himself commented bitterly on the result: “We have to learn, it’s just a difficult moment – ​​he said -. We knew before the match that the team wasn’t at its best. We have some shortcomings to improve but we’ll be back and we need to cheer ourselves up to play at better ahead of the match against the Villarreal”. Barcelona are 3 points ahead in the Liga and for this reason Ancelotti is asked a specific question at the press conference which the coach does not like: “If this is a humiliation? It seems like a lack of respect to me.”

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And the Reggiolo coach reiterates it again: ”Sporting humiliation seems to me a lack of respect – thundered Ancelotti – We lost a match against Barcelona, ​​​​they were better and won, period”. The coach rather criticized the team for how the first two goals arrived: “We gave gifts in the first two goals – he added – It is disrespectful to talk about humiliation, but we are very hurt, Real usually wins the finals”. Ancelotti he doesn’t want to let go of his team and is trying once again to get the best out of a team capable of establishing itself in the Champions League last year: “There’s still a long season and we’ll play it until the end – he added again – The team is injured, but Madrid will be back, I have no doubts.”

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