La Jornada – Alejandro Hernández observes a lack of evolution in Mexican tennis

More than 20 years after finishing his term as head of the Mexican Tennis Federation, Alejandro Hernández laments the lack of evolution of the white sport in the country, which has not had representatives among the best 100 in the world for more than three years. decades, and above all, it still lacks a formative structure.

“What has been clearly seen for many years is that not everything is linked for tennis to stand out,” said the Tijuana native, currently dedicated to promoting social causes as director of the YMCA Mexico City, which in turn organizes the two tennis tournaments. professional women’s tennis that will start next week at Club Mallorca.

“There are many factors, from clubs, which are more social than sports, changes in the federation that do not continue with the plans that were being carried out, because they mix politics more and do not give them continuity; From the sports culture that we have as Mexicans, we are quite social, we like to party and not stay to do something ”, he stated in an interview.

And the recount continued: “From the institutions above, such as the Conade, which does not have the depth or permanence in everything that is done; the culture of your home, that former tennis players have not dedicated themselves to forming well-armed projects and schools, as former players have done in countries like Spain or Argentina, ideal examples of what a good organization is.

“There are many factors that are not linked and since they are not united, we have these results, that is, poor planning, little investment, goals without a clear definition. Every time there are changes in the federation (leaders), they forget what was done before. Politics does affect, because you cannot have a long-term approach.”

He pointed out that in these years very good youth players have emerged, but they have not made the leap to professionalism. The same happens with the majority of players who manage scholarships at American universities through tennis, but when they finish their studies they do not opt ​​for the professional circuits, with the exception of some, such as Fernanda Contreras, currently the best ranked world in tennis. singlesat site 141.

“And in Mexican universities, why not have strength among university students, from elementary schools, in tennis and in many other sports. Agreements are required from many people who say: ‘we are going to do this’, regardless of whether the federation embraces or leads, as it should be. Let the support be general ”, he concluded.



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