La Avilesina sentences in the first half in the First National handball derby against the IMQ Group

IMQ Group, 21-Toscaf Avilesina, 29

Group IMQ: Joaquin Colomo, Alvaro Paino (3), Pablo Crow, Jorge Lopez (2), Alexis (6), Pablo Gonzalez and Jorge Lema (3). Mario Colomo, David Perez (1), Marcos Mendez (1), Lastra (2), Roberto Perez (2) and Sergio Rodriguez (1) also played.

Toscaf Avilesina: Braulio, Tejerina, Pablo Gonzalez (1), Ardisana (8), Adrian Fernandez (1), Hernandez (1) and Puig (4). Carlos Garcia (1), Silvino (4), Aitor Rodriguez (3), Hugo Moreno (2), Raul Arias (3) and Hugo Fernandez (1) also played.

Marker every 5 minutes: 3-2, 4-5, 5-7, 7-11, 8-15, 10-19 rest, 12-21, 15-23, 16-25, 16-26, 18-27 and 21-29.

Referees: Cesar Diaz and Carlos Manuel Alonso. They disqualified Alexis (min.45) and excluded Jorge López for two minutes.

Toscaf Avilesina sealed the match on the IMQ Group stadium in the minutes before the break, which they left with a 9-goal lead. The grupistas remained ahead on the scoreboard during the first minutes of the match, but the potential of the Avilesian squad was imposing its game to win a clear victory. The second part was more even, but Avilesina was based on holding the advantage achieved in the first part.



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