Kevin Durant’s crazy statement about LeBron James!

Since 2018, Kevin Durant and LeBron James have still not faced each other on an NBA floor. An eternity in the league, especially for two of the best players of their time. However, and despite a very present rivalry, respect is also there. KD had some very strong words for his counterpart in a recent interview…

For years, fans have been waiting for a new opposition between Kevin Durant et LeBron James, and we have to believe that we will have to be patient again. The first city is still forfeited with a knee injury, missing the upcoming meeting against the Lakers. It feels like an eternity for fans, especially since the King isn’t getting any younger. Never mind his recent performances.

Kevin Durant big fan of LeBron James!

After all, and despite his 38 candles, the Chosen One continues to establish himself as one of the best players in the league. We could even say THE best in view of his start to the year at the Lakers. The first admiration in front of such a spectacle? Durant in person. In a recent interview published by the NBA account, the Slim Reaper said he was impressed with his opponent.

I never fell into the trap of his passes. For me, LeBron is above all a scorer. He’s always been able to pass the ball, but I know he’s a guy who wants to score. When you can score 50 points like that and average 27 points, I think you’re a scorer. On top of that, you have this longevity that allows him to become the best scorer in history. Passes are secondary for him, it’s bad for him to qualify him as a passer above all.

Its longevity is inspiring to everyone. We see him chain the matches to 30 points when he has just turned 38, still able to make the difference on both sides of the floor. It’s really inspiring for all of us. He sets the bar very high for everyone. Not everyone is able to do this.

Longevity is an area where James has absolutely everyone in agreement. No one in NBA history has managed to keep up with such a pace, especially since LBJ is still far from retirement, at least not as long as his body is capable of such feats. Even Kevin Durant wants to follow the same example.

When it comes to longevity, scoring, Kevin Durant is a huge LeBron James fan. A lot of respect between the two men, who will meet again in a few weeks for the All-Star Game. Their rivalry isn’t over on a basketball court yet.



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