Kahn before the outbreak: FC Bayern worries before the DFB Cup

Three games of FC Bayern Munich after the winter break – three times only a 1-1 since the start of the Bundesliga after the long World Cup break. This does not correspond to the ideas of the German record champions. CEO Oliver Kahn sees two faces of a team – the team before the World Cup break and the one after.

“We’re still top of the table after this matchday, that’s positive.” Kahn was after 1:1 in the home game against Frankfurt still striving for objectivity, his conclusion devastating, but not yet dramatic. 1:1 in Leipzig, 1:1 against Cologne, 1:1 against Frankfurt – “We started the second half of the season anything but well,” stated Kahn.

The first knockout game is coming up

But trouble is looming on Säbener Straße. Because in the coming week the first game of truth is coming up: In the DFB-Pokal it’s up to Bayern against FSV Mainz. A win provides peace of mind, while Bayern lose their first chance of the title with a defeat, and there are likely to be restless days ahead.

Especially since the cup duel is only the prelude to February, which is probably already crucial in the season evaluation. Because on February 14, the first Champions League comparison with Paris Saint-Germain and the world stars Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé is on the program.

The weeks of truth await in February

Bayern’s claim is to be in the league, cup and Champions League for as long as possible, ideally to win all three titles. If the Munich team doesn’t slowly find their way back to their form before the World Cup break, it could already be over in two competitions at the end of February.

“There’s a lot at stake now,” said Kahn, who is aware that FC Bayern doesn’t have much time left to play at its best. Coach Julian Nagelsmann only spoke of a “result crisis” after the Frankfurt game.

Coach Nagelsmann seems at a loss

Apart from the approach of repeatedly going into analysis with the team and repeating exercises, he didn’t have a quick fix ready. The lack of “game acceleration” rankles Nagelsmann. Somehow his team lost the flow of the game during the World Cup break.



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