Junior from Barranquilla: Brahian Alemán signing failed in 2023 | Banfield would have hiring list | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Junior from Barranquilla would have received a hard blow in the 2023 transfer market, in search of a player who makes a difference in the team led by coach Arturo Reyes.

It is about the non-hiring of Brahian Alemán, a Uruguayan midfielder who played in 2022 for Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. The 33-year-old Uruguayan was in the crosshairs of the Char family, and a final offer was ready to be signed by the Colombian team.

Fuad Char, the top shareholder of the shark team, spoke precisely this Friday about the economic efforts that the Junior would make to hire the ’10’.

However, the last chapter of the novel would have a sad ending for Junior, as the Argentine press reports that Alemán reached an agreement to be hired by Banfield, which will have the Uruguayan on loan and with a purchase option.

Now Junior hopes to close another player in the midfield position, who can break the Colombian soccer transfer market.



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