Judo, Grand Prix Portugal: Patrícia Sampaio superstar, South Korea first in the medal table

ALMADA (PORTUGAL) – Extraordinary third and last day of the Judo Grand Prix in Portugalad Almada.
The Municipal Sports Complex sold out to see the heavyweights at work.

Ivanov, victory…in friendship

In the men’s category under 90kg, the Bulgarian Ivaylo Ivanov he defeated the Hungarian Krisztian Toth in the final. Then the two shared a wonderful moment of friendship and sportsmanship much appreciated by the Portuguese public.

Bronze medals for the French Axel Clerget and the Hungarian Roland Goz.

Medals awarded by Iskander Hachicha, former Tunisian judoka, now IJF sports director.

Ivanov says: “In Judo you always have to respect your opponent. We are friends because we are the same age. We have children. Krisztian was very happy before our fight, he sent me a message saying “I’m very happy to fight with you”. Me too! This is judo: we give everything in the fight, and then we are friends”.

PatriciaSampaio, heroine of the house

In the women’s -78kg category, Patricia Sampaio, Aged 23, she was the hero of the day, she gave Portugal and the Portuguese fans the gold medal.

Patrícia Sampaio picked up a tactical win against Lytvynenko of Ukraine in the final to earn her first Grand Prix Gold and send the Portuguese into a frenzy.
After Barbara Timo’s gold in -63kg, another wonderful moment for Portuguese judo.

Medals presented by Ines de Medeiros, mayor of Almada; and the entire audience stood up for the Portuguese national anthem.

Bronze for the Kosovar Loriana Kuka and the British Emma Reid.

The enthusiasm of Patrícia Sampaio:
“It was amazing to have so many people here! I’m not from Lisbon, I live two hours away, so two full cars came here to cheer me on, with my family and friends from the club. It was amazing! I have no words to describe everything I heard from the audience today. It was great”.

Sulamanidze always number 1

In the -100kg men, the Georgian Ilia Sulamanidze he overtook young Japanese Dota Arai, consolidating his world No. 1.

Bronze for Hungarian Szombor Veg and Czech Lukas Krpalek.

The medals were presented by IJF referee supervisor Carlo Knoester

Kim Hayun blows out more dreams Portuguese dreams

In the +78kg women category, the South Korean Kim Hyun she defeated Rochele Nunes in the final, ending Portuguese hopes of yet another gold.
Bronze for the Dutch Karen Stevenson and the Serbian Milica Zabic.

Fifth place for the 20-year-old Italian Erica Simonetti.

The medals were awarded by IJF referee supervisor Cathy Fleury, a former French judoka.

South Korean domain

In the +100kg men, gold for the South Korean Kim Minjong, which thus brought South Korea to the top of the medal table. Georgian Saba Inaneishvili defeated in the final

Bronze for the Brazilian Rafael Silva and the Mongolian Odkhuu Tsetsentsengel.

The medal table: first South Korea, second Portugal

With two golds, a silver and a lot of passion for judo, the Portuguese team finished second in medal collection (behind South Korea: 4 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 5 fifth places!) and can consider this Grand Prix as a fantastic success.

Third place on the medal table for Uzbekistan, with 2 golds.

Italy closes in 20th place, thanks to the bronze won by Thauany Capanni Dias.

The Judo Grand Prix is ​​back next weekend, in Paris.

Grand Prix Portugal: all results



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