Judo Club Holzwickede eV – Judo Kids of the Judo Club Holzwickede successful

Last weekend, a friendly tournament of the U9 took place in the Hilgenbaumhalle with the participation of the two guest clubs TUS Iserlohn and Selmer JC. 39 children between the ages of 5 and 8 started in 10 weight classes and determined their placement in a pool of four.

After the individual fights, there were team fights. The judo offspring from Holzwickede won both team matches. But in the end there were only beaming faces that day, because all the children were winners and were all awarded a winner’s medal and certificate at the award ceremony. The parents took care of the physical well-being, who donated lots of cakes to ensure that no participant had to leave the hall hungry.



1. Felix Rostek (TUS)

2. Dimitrij Smilovit (SJC)

3. Samuel Trompeter (JCH)

3. Lars Wilmann (SJC)


1. Ashton Lam (TUS)

1. Ryan Blanke (SJC)

1. Marc Louis (SJC)

2. Philipp Lausmann (JCH)


1. Vehat Zejnullah (TUS)

2. Sydney Girl (JCH)

3. Mats Becker (SJC)

3. Marice Grtken (SJC)


1. Simon Mikus (JCH)

2. Arved Hering (JCH)

3. Alina Maisinger (JCH)

3. Ben Breuer (SJC)


1. Jaron Schankat (JCH)

2. Alex Remmele (TUS)

3. Nico Seif (JCH)

3. Anna Krmer (SJC)


1. Tom School (JCH)

2. David Buschmann (JCH)

3. Tobi Reinecke (JCH)

3. Phil Gall (SJC)


1. Viktoria Berger (JCH)

2. Benjamin Klein (SJC)

3. Chiara Wilmann (JCH)

3. Ben Thle (JCH)


1. Jan Libuda (TUS)

2. Leandro Scherlich (JCH)

3. Jana Albrod (SJC)


1. Silas Sword (TUS)

2. Fabienne Jacobi (JCH)

3. Gabriek Linke (JCH)

3. Laura David (JCH)



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