Jorge Carrascal is wanted by Atlético de Madrid and Corinthians

Jorge Carrascalcurrently a CSKA Moscow player, is wanted by two world-renowned teams, which, they will put enough money on the table for their sports services.

The Colombian who one day wore the River Plate jersey is one of the leading ‘Coffee Growers’ in European football. He has been at CSKA Moscow for a relatively short time, but in the opportunities he has had, he has “poured out” all his talent on the pitches of Russia.

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Media from the ‘Old Continent’ revealed that his current squad already has a sale price, and the team that wants to have their sports services will have to accept their economic conditions.

Currently, the team from Moscow is asking for 15 million dollars to let the Colombian out. What CSKA is asking for is really little, because wearing said jacket he has shown first-rate conditions, and this is what two casts want to take advantage of, which will fight hand in hand for the Cartagena player.

Atletico Madrid y Corinthians They are the two squads that want to take over the attacker; and they see in its current price a golden opportunity to acquire it. Let us also remember that Jorge already accumulates experience in the two continents where he is sought, and therefore, he can consider the two proposals based on his experience.

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While these two renowned teams continue to fight over him, and more squads join the conversation for the 24-year-old athleteCSKA will want to continue taking advantage of all the talent of Carrascal, which has surprised everyone since his arrival in Russia.

By Santiago Mejía Álvarez.


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