John Isner discusses his goals for the 2023 season

It is evident that John Isner He is not a player who fills stadiums, but guys like him are essential on the tour. A tennis player who is a real headache for all his rivals, being for many the best server of all time. The American has been for several years the first racket of his country and with his 2.08 meters tall he has been able to win 16 ATP titles, including the Masters 1000 de Miamiwhich shows that in addition to his service he has more weapons.

Capable of winning so much Roger Federer such as Novak Djokovic on two occasions, in addition to being one of the few players who has taken Rafa Nadal to five sets at Roland Garros, who also knows what it is to win a match, he did it in the 2017 Laver Cup, he faces this 2022 in a different way , but with the same illusion. The American giant claims to be feeling very well at 37, but tennis is no longer his only priority, in fact, he travels with his family to all the tournaments, as he confessed in an interview with before making his debut. in it ATP de Aucklanda tournament that he managed to lift in 2010.

Want to compete at 37 years old

“I still feel pretty good. I know I’m in the twilight of my career and a lot of players my age don’t play anymore, so I think I’m very lucky to still be playing. If I’m not mistaken I’m the oldest player in the Top 100, which is something I’m very proud of. I like to compete, it keeps me going, I’d be lying if I said I love all the work that goes into it. Sometimes practicing can get quite monotonous, but I love training and I’m trying to get on with it. a good level to compete against players much younger than me. You can’t play tennis forever, so I want to try to make this last as long as possible. I’m ready to achieve great things this year.”

His wife and three children are one of the reasons why he continues

“Last year they could not be with me in some tournaments due to the restrictions and I missed them. I was in Australia for three and a half weeks and I was not entirely happy, I was missing them and I said to myself that if things were clarified they were going to travel with me and that’s why they’re here now. It was a direct flight from my city airport and the kids slept and watched some movies and now we’re here and we’re having fun. I really enjoy having them here. It makes defeats easier because they don’t really It’s the most important thing. Ten years ago, when I was 27, without a family and without a wife, losing hurt me much more.”

Philip Farmer new coach

“Now I’m working with Philip Farmer. He lives in Dallas, so we’re very close. He’s also the coach of Austin Krajicek and Hans Hach Verdugo, who I play doubles with sometimes. We all live in Dallas, we all train together, so we have a good rapport when we’re all at home practicing I’ve known him a long time and I’m very happy to have him with me Phil is a great guy Practices have been great I’ve been very focused and I usually go for an hour and a half maybe two hours and I try to do a lot of work. I’m really enjoying it so far.”



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