Jakmania Feels Awkward after Persija Jakarta Loses, Silenced Exactly, Offends Standings

TRIBUNWOW.COM – The Jakmania felt an awkwardness after Persija Jakarta was silenced by Persis Solo in the continuation of week 19 of League 1 2022/2023.

Reported by, Persija Jakarta narrowly lost to Persis Solo with a score of 0-1 at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta on Thursday (19/1/2023).

Persis Solo’s aged striker, Samsul Arif, became a nightmare for Persija Jakarta in that match.

Samsul Arif broke into Persija Jakarta’s goal, which at that time was escorted by the captain, Andritany Ardhiyasa in the first half of the match.

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The Jakmania feels odd, because Persija Jakarta has always experienced the fate of being ready when it has the opportunity to rise to the top of the standings.

As you know, the match against Persis Solo is an opportunity for Persija Jakarta to rise to the top of the standings.

Throughout the match, the Kemayoran Tigers actually excelled in terms of attack.

Michael Krmencik et al fired 24 kicks against Persis Solo and eight of them were on target.

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However, there was not a single chance from the Kemyoran Tigers team that resulted in a goal.

Previously, Persija Jakarta also had the opportunity to rise to the top of the 2022/2023 League 1 standings when they faced Persib Bandung in the postponed match of Week 11.

Persija Jakarta was quite dominant in that match and several times made threats against Persib Bandung.

Unfortunately, Persija Jakarta narrowly lost to Persib Bandung with a score of 0-1 in the match which was held at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Bandung, West Java, Wednesday (11/1/2023).

The Jakmania’s suspicions can be seen in the comments column for the latest upload of Persija Jakarta’s official Instagram account, @persija on Friday (20/1/2023).

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“Strange… Every time there is a chance to be in first place, you must lose, what stage fright is refusing to win?” wrote @rpahlevi89.



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