Jadeveon Clowney apologizes to Myles Garrett for interview comment

Jadeveon Clowney is out of contract for next season and Cleveland is unlikely to want him back

CLEVELAND (AP) — Jadeveon Clowney He said he’s sorry.

Jadeveon Clowney apologized to the star Browns Myles Garrett more than a week after he criticized the defensive end of Clevelandsaying that the organization favored his teammate and that they were more focused on him getting into the Hall of Fame than winning.

Clowney He also claimed that his comments in the interview with were “completely distorted” and “taken out of context.”

Los Browns punished the Jadeveon Clowney for his comments and sent him home before practice last week and left him home for the final game of the season at Pittsburgh. Los Browns they finished 7-10.

“As a son and a father I want to fully apologize to anyone I have offended, especially to Myles Garrett and his family,” Clowney said. “As a man I reached out to Myles especially to apologize. I will continue to learn and grow in the future.”

Jadeveon Clowney spent two seasons with the Browns. After reviving his career with nine sacks in 2021, he had just two this season and missed four games through injury.

The 29-year-old has no contract for next season and is unlikely to Cleveland want it back after the prank at the end.

After the comments of Clowneydefensive line coach Chris Kiffin revealed that the three-time Pro Bowler refused to make plays on first and second down on Oct. 23 against Baltimore. Clowney was upset that Cleveland He changed the game plan to give him more Garrett-friendly matchups. Jadeveon Clowney he was benched in the first series the following week against Cincinnati.

Myles Garrett he said he knew Clowney was frustrated and would have liked him to address him directly instead of venting publicly. He also said he didn’t take the comments personally, but added that he doesn’t want to play with anyone who doesn’t want to be in Cleveland.

“I want volunteers, not hostages,” he said. Garrett. “If you think that no one believes in you here, then leave. Go where you think they want you, love you, and appreciate you.”



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