Ippon again! struggles through with ending video

Sport is always associated with sweat and tears if you are looking for real success. Ippon again! but also shows that camaraderie and happy laughter can play a big part in the road to the podium. Matching the sweaty start, there is now the ending video for a little break.

Ending “Ipponmichi” von Aoba Nishi High School Judo Club

Ippon again! is at Studio BAKKEN RECORD by Director Takeru Ogiwara staged. takes care of the script Aya Satsuki (My Master Has No Tail), during Airi Takekawa (Sub character design at JORAN THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD) designed the characters.

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The anime series Ippon again! is based on the girl judo manga of the same name by Yu Muraoka. The chapters have been in the magazine since October 2018 Weekly Shonen Champion published by Akita Shoten, with the chapters thus far grouped into 20 volumes.


Michi planned to retire from judo after winning the junior high school tournament. However, her opponent was so strong that she ended up being defeated by a chokehold (shime-waza). Nine months after the defeat, she enters the high school of her choice. She hopes to be able to enjoy her life to the fullest, until her rival Towa, who defeated her in the last fight, suddenly confronts her and Michi decides to continue practicing the sport.

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