investigation opened for a photo of the Toulouse jersey in the name of Mohamed Merah – Liberation

The TFC football club will file a complaint on Monday after the publication on social networks of a snapshot of a young man wearing a team jersey with the name of the terrorist and the number of his victims.

An investigation for “apology for terrorism” was opened on Sunday, January 8 in the evening, after the dissemination on social networks of a photo of a Toulouse football club jersey bearing the name of Mohamed Merah. L'”glorification of terrorism by means of communication to the public online is an offense punishable by seven years’ imprisonment.said the prosecution, without providing more details on this investigation “who begins”.

In the photo circulating on social networks, a young man, from the back, wears the jersey of the Toulouse club, wearing the number 7, like the number of victims of the terrorist in 2012 in the city of the South-West.

Before the announcement of the opening of this investigation, the Toulouse Football Club (TFC) had on Twitter called this flocking“despicable and shameful”, stating that he “is protesting against this content, reported it as soon as he became aware of it, and affirms that the said jersey was not processed by the teams of the official Club stores”. The club intends to file a complaint on Monday, according to the Midi Dispatch.

On March 19, 2012, Mohamed Merah shot and killed three Jewish children and a teacher in the Ozar Hatorah high school in Toulouse, after shooting down three North African paratroopers in Toulouse and Montauban the previous days. He was killed on March 22, 2012, after a 32-hour siege of his apartment by the Raid.


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