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With the same passion and ambition to continue growing, our badminton promise, Ines Castillo focuses on starting a new year in the best way. After winning four gold medals in the Bolivarian Games of Valledupar 2022 the athlete is already projected to reach a classification at Santiago 2023at the same time, keep adding points in the world ranking to dream of paris 2024.

Inés Castillo is 23 years old and has already made history by reaching four gold medals in the Bolivarian Games. However, for her, this is still the beginning of something bigger, since a goal that she set for herself when she was a child is to participate in the Olympic Games, and why not? win a gold medal for Peru thanks to the great love that she holds in a racket and a pen.

You started last year by hanging four gold medals in the Bolivarians, how would you define that achievement?

The truth is that this achievement of the four medals was the best of the year. Starting the year that way filled me with motivation and made me want to keep going and look for more. In any case, I have worked a lot for that achievement and I continue working to have more, so feel it and Seeing the four medals was a great satisfaction, it was like gasoline for everything I have proposed.

Besides that Valledupar has altitude sickness…

Yes, the competition was a bit tough. Badminton is a sport that affects you a lot at altitude. The pen goes much faster, it’s not something that affects a little, but it changes everything, the tactics, the technique, everything. So, we went two weeks earlier to adapt to the altitude and I think that helped, and that’s why it was a slightly different competition, with more difficulties, but we were able to pull it off.

Good news is that they transmitted it through digital…

I was not aware, I remember that when the finals ended, my family wrote to tell me that they had seen it live and they were very excited. I had no idea about that, I was surprised because it is not everyday to see badminton live.

As well as the Peru International Series 2022, are you planning to hold more international events for this year in the federation?

Yes, anyway, next year there are going to be new international badminton competitions. Starting with the Junior Pan American, then there are also three open seniors, three of different levels. So, I think the level of the championships that we are going to have will be very interesting.

How is the Peru badminton team doing?

I think it was a very good year for me and also for the Peruvian badminton team, since my teammates have had very positive results. In Asunción we had a very good performance, we took the silver and that is very exciting when you win a team medal. So, I am very proud of the progress of badminton, the level of athletes and Peruvian badminton is becoming increasingly visible.

You qualified in doubles for a World Cup in Tokyo, how was that experience?

It was amazing. Badminton in Tokyo is like talking about soccer here. We arrived and at the airport there were posters in relation to the World Cup. We performed well against an Indian, India is usually favourite. We had three sets in a match, unfortunately we lost, but very little. Despite this, we are happy with our level.

How is your relationship with your set partner, Paula La Torre?

With Paula I have been playing doubles since I can remember, because we are exactly the same year. She has always been my partner and we already have an automatic understanding. The communication I have with her is very easy, since she is my friend, so we not only get along well on the court, but also off it. I think all of that makes it more flexible and the game more fun.

Do you have any details about your qualification for Santiago 2023?

So far we know how many slots we have. If I’m not mistaken, if the Pan American Games were tomorrow we would have three slots for girls and three slots for boys. So, that is enough to be able to bequeath Santiago.

Have you started your workouts yet?

Anyway, in a few days I’m starting my training for that event. I’m going to go to Indonesia for a few weeks. What happens is that badminton in Asia is very competitive, more than in America. So, I’m going to take advantage of the fact that it’s still pre-season and there aren’t many championships, maybe I can do a few weeks of training there.

When does the world ranking scoring date start?

It goes from May 2023 to May 2024. It’s basically traveling a lot, going to as many championships as possible. It is a super difficult classification, but it is still possible to achieve it.

How does Inés Castillo see herself four years from now?

I would like to say that I was able to see myself in the Olympics and that helps motivate me to stay one more cycle (four years), and continue with bigger and more difficult goals, always thinking of gold.

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