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Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls Predictions. We have prepared for you the predictions For Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls on 01.25.2023, which will be held as part of the 96th NBA game day. Indiana can’t win by seven games. Will the team be able to stop this bad streak?

Direct clashes and recent results

These teams played 46 games with each other, which resulted in Chicago winning 21 times and Indiana winning exactly 25 times. When making a prediction for Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls, it’s worth noting that the last four games have ended in favor of the Pacers.

Indiana Pacers

4700 points

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Chicago Bulls

4586 points

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Statistical Predictions: Indiana Pacers – Chicago Bulls

In the Trend section we have collected statistical data on the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls teams based on the results of the analysis of the last games of the opponents. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover them.

Single series

Indiana Pacers not winning match each of his last 7 games.
Indiana Pacers match loser each of his last 7 games.

Stake:V2(extra time)

Indiana Pacers: Team overview

Indiana began a black streak: the team can not win for seven games. Because of these poor results, the Pacers dropped to ninth in the Eastern Conference standings. However, when making a prediction for Indiana, one thing to note is that the team rarely struggles in home games this season, with fifteen wins of twenty-four (sixth-most in the East).

Chicago Bulls: team overview

After the ninety-fourth game day, Chicago is in tenth place in the Eastern Conference standings, with a negative balance of wins and losses (21-24). The team has performed quite well in recent games, with the Bulls able to defeat Golden State (132-118) and Detroit (126-108). However, when making a prediction for Chicago, one should pay attention to the fact that this season the club often fails in the opponent’s fields – nine wins out of twenty-three.

Best Odds

Best Odds

In this section we have collected for you the best odds from legal bookmakers for the match of the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls teams. For your convenience we have highlighted the highest odds for the main events in an additional color.

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Tournament table

Here you can see the championship standings to find out the position of the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls teams. Let’s look at this data to evaluate the strength of the teams before the match.



The Knicks

The Knicks

48 25 23


Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks

47 24 23


Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers

48 23 25


Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls

45 21 24


Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards

46 20 26


Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors

48 21 27

Indiana Pacers Chicago Bulls pronostico

Indiana continues to lose to one opponent after another—its winless streak has already stretched to seven games. However, it is worth noting that almost all defeats were received on the road. The next meeting will take place on Indiana’s home field, where the Pacers could end this bad series. Chicago is by no means a difficult opponent to beat: this season, the Canadian club has managed only 21 wins out of 45 (tenth in the Eastern Conference table). Also, when making a prediction for Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls, it should be noted that the last four face-offs have ended in favor of the Pacers. We expect a high quality game from the owners.

Match Betting: Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls

Stake: Indiana Pacers win (overtime)

Quota: 1.94*

*Odds are relevant at the time of publication of the predictions (January 23, 2023, 20:36)

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