Incriminating and shocking details leaked about rape case involving Brazilian star footballer Dani Alves

The Spanish media have poured into allegations of rape against Brazilian star footballer Dani Alves, who played for FC Barcelona between 2008 and 2016 and was active with Brazil at the last World Cup. The leaked details are not very reassuring. Alves would have told three different versions to the investigating judge and made a narcissistic impression during the interrogation. El Periódico published the victim’s statement about the facts and it is absolutely shocking.

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Dani Alves was placed in custody on Friday without the possibility of being released on bail. This was an indication that the investigating judge took the victim’s testimony seriously. Alves’ Mexican club Pumas also immediately sacked him.

In recent days, details of the case have been leaked in numerous Spanish media. The facts go back to December 30, 2022. Alves was in Barcelona for a short break after the World Cup and visited a popular disco. There he would have raped a 23-year-old woman in the toilets.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Periódico, camera images show that Alves and the woman were effectively together in the toilets for fifteen minutes. In her statement, the victim said that Alves “forced her to sit on top of him”. Then he allegedly threw her to the ground, forced her to perform oral sex, which she resisted. Then the Brazilian star soccer player would have beaten and penetrated her until he came.

The victim was transferred to the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona after the fact, where an investigation was carried out for DNA traces.

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According to TV3, Alves changed his statement of facts three times and those versions were contradictory. At first he said he had been in the club but not for long and he didn’t know the woman. He then admitted to seeing her, without anything having happened between them. Finally, he also admitted the physical contact, but claimed that she had taken the initiative.

According to El País, based on sources within the investigation, Alves would have offered the victim compensation, but she would have refused and would have wanted him to be punished for his actions.



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