In the middle of the game: the big fair play gesture by the German goalkeeper

Sport in the middle of the game

The great fair play gesture of the German goalkeeper

Germany outclasses Algeria at the end of the preliminary round – the highlights in the video

The German handball players gain self-confidence for the main round of the World Cup with a thumping victory over Algeria. Although numerous top performers are spared, the DHB team ended the preliminary round with a perfect record. The highlights in the video.

In the last group match of the Handball World Championship, Germany will play Algeria. In the middle of the game Andreas Wolff shows great class. The goalkeeper supports his opponent. Even the referees high five with him afterwards.

Dhe German handball players not only made it into the main round of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden without losing points, they also excelled in another area: that of fair play. In the final preliminary round game against Algeria (37:21), goalkeeper Andreas Wolff was allegedly hit in the head by right winger Sami Douchet. The new rule is a two-minute time penalty for the offender.

But when the referees Oliver Kiss and Adam Biro from Hungary wanted to take action and throw Douchet out, Wolff made a strong gesture. He indicated to the two referees that the opponent’s throw had first jumped to his upper arm and from there to his head. No intention of the Algerian then.

“I’m happy of course”

“As an athlete, you should uphold fair play. It hits my arm first, then the ball goes in the face. It would be pretty ridiculous to demand a two-minute penalty,” said Wolff after the end of the game: “Of course I’m pleased that the opponents recognized it too. It would have been totally unjustified to put the player out.”

Germany’s goalkeeper Andreas Wolff (right) and the alleged culprit Sami Douchet

Source: dpa

Douchet also thanked Wolff for the fair gesture. And the two referees also gave high fives to the 31-year-old keeper, who was strong again that evening.

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The rule is not particularly old, but has only been in effect since this season. In order to protect the health of the players, the world handball association IHF decided to introduce the time penalty as a sanction for the offender: If a player hits the goalkeeper in the head from a free throw situation, he can be put out for two minutes. The rule affects not only professional teams, but all teams of all ages.



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