In tears for Corrado Pirani, entrepreneur of craft beer. The gentle giant passed away at the age of 54

In tears for Corrado Pirani, entrepreneur of craft beer.  The gentle giant passed away at the age of 54

CAMERANO – New mourning in the town of Conero. Camerano mourns another of his best sons leaving a unanimous and sad condolences throughout the community. Corrado Pirani, a person known and respected by everyone in the town for his industriousness and generosity, died at the age of only 54. For his sweet character and always open to others.

Corrado leaves behind his wife Lisa Fioretti and their children Antonio, Lorenzo and Viola; in addition to the parents Mario and Neresina and the sisters Silvia and Simona. His sister Simona is a family doctor in Camerano while Silvia, who has always been very involved in social work, is the mother of Arianna Manzoni, a national level judo champion.

Corrado, after having worked for years as a labourer, had opened the San Germano 18 Brewery ten years ago with great foresight, courage and entrepreneurial spirit, enhancing craft beer, an original product of great prestige for the whole country. The wife and children are respectively daughter and grandchildren of Alberto Fioretti, owner of Germaplast srl and are carrying on the prestigious family business with commitment. Corrado was also the nephew of Don Sandro Pirani, the historic parish priest of Camerano several years ago.

Corrado, a person of proverbial simplicity, goodness and sweetness in spite of an imposing physique leaves a huge void in everyone. One of his closest friends, and a contemporary of his, since childhood remembers him with affection and emotion: «An enormous pain for me and for all the people who loved him – his words . I remember him as a good and mild child, when we played football, in the carefree days spent together, in his generosity towards others. He left us a truly respectable person who we will never forget ».
Corrado Pirani’s funeral will be celebrated this afternoon at 3 pm at the Immaculate Conception parish in Camerano.


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