in C Silver it is only Bor who rejoices, in D Santos does well

A narrow-gauge start to the new year, the one that marked the local basketball minors on the weekend just ended: the tournament stopped serie C Gold (l’IS Copy Cus he will return to the field next Saturday on the Monte Cengio parquet against Codroipo for the recovery of the second day of return, instead we will have to wait for January 21st to see him back on the field Jadran Monticolo&Photos in the challenge between leaders against Virtus Murano), spotlights on the C Silver and the D series.

In the first, comes the clear victory of Bor Radenska against the rear light Basket 4 Trieste (70-49), finding the third victory in a difficult championship: in Aquilinia it is a match without history from the second quarter onwards, with Krcalic’s team placing the break of 23-9 which splits the match in two (Rajcic guest top-scorer with 20 points). Late night instead for the Lussetti Servolana in Sacile: decimated by absences (ko Godina, Bratos, Milic, Giustolisi and Prato), the team from Trani is forced to hoist the white flag already in the middle of the race, with Humus clearly prevailing for 83-61. The hosts make very few mistakes in the initial phase of the game, the imprecision of the Trieste players then ends up directing the game quite quickly into the opponent’s hands (Murabito closes at 21, Dedenaro 19).

In Dwith the high-ranking challenge between Kontovel e San Vito postponed to next January 24 and with the Don Bosco who will recover the expected match in Gradisca on February 21, nothing to do for the Trieste Basketball against the leaders Pallacanestro Monfalcone: in 54-66 in the Allianz Dome there is all the strength of the guests led by Cherubin and the lack of offensive efficiency of the red and white Under 19s led by Bazzarini. Objubech’s double digits on the Julian side are not enough to keep hopes of recovery alive until the final siren, with Trieste remaining in third from last place with 6 points. Well instead the Santosexceptionally led by coach Prelog due to the disqualification of Gregori, who won the derby againstInterclub Muggia (79-64) reaching the Riviera players with 10 points in the standings: in the return match on Crevatin’s parquet after a long stop (in the end he will be the best scorer with 16 scored), a balanced first half follows twenty minutes in clear favor of the hosts. Among the guests, the 19 points posted by Fort are not enough.



B4T – Bor Radenska 49-70
Bor Radenska: Bole, Tercon 9, Lessing 6, Mozina 9, Comar 10, Nisic 2, Zettin 4, Strle 6, Venturini 6, Rajcic 20. All. Bleeder.

Humus Sacile – Lussetti Servolana Trieste 83-61
Lussetti Servolana: Murabito 21, Schillani 7, Rebelli 4, Segrè, Pobega 5, Gori, Venturini, Prato ne, Dedenaro 19, Pertot ne, Venturini 3. All. Trani

The ranking
Dinamo Gorizia and Corno di Rosazzo 22; Cordenons 18; Cervignano and Udine BC 14; San Daniele, Longobardi Cividale and Vis Spilimbergo 12; Lussetti Servolana 10; Humus Sacile 8; Bor Radenska 6; Basketball Tower Pordenone 4; B4T 2.


Santos – Interclub Muggia 79-64
: Lucian 8, P.Crevatin 16, Fatigati 14, Dolce 10, Pecchiar 4, G.Crevatin 11, Cacciatori 3, Zamboni 5, Spanghero, Bolle 8, Bonsignore. All.Prelog
Interclub Muggia: Spolaore 11, Sodomaco 6, Caineri ne, Gelleni 2, Fort 19, Manuelli 9, Zampa, De Petris 6, Bembich, Germani 10, Persico 1, D’Iglio ne. Herds Vancheri

Trieste basketball – Monfalcone basketball 54-66
Trieste Basketball
: Obljubech 12, Eva 5, Mill, Rolli 4, Camporeale 4, Crnobrnja 8, Cavinato, Morgut 8, Ius 4, Good Bittolo, Dovera 2, Desobgo 6. All. Bazzarini

San Vito – Kontovel 24 January

Basket Gradisca – Don Bosco 21 February

The ranking
Kontovel, San Vito and Pall. Monfalcone 18; Azzurra Several Insurance Brokers 14; Ronchi BC 12; Interclub Muggia and Santos 10; Like 8; Dom Gorizia and Basketball Trieste 6; Alba Cormons 4; Don Bosco 2.

(nella photo credits Bor, Tomasz Strle)



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