“I am rich, you are poor”

Los Angeles Chargers defensive end, Joey Bosafaced a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles in the preview of the final of the American Conference in which his brother Nick Bosa was part of the defeat of the San Francisco 49ers. The video went viral on social networks due to the unfortunate reaction of the player.

In the video you can see how Philadelphia fans mocked Bosa for having been eliminated in the Playoffs for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the reaction that the defender had by whipping his helmet outside the field of play.

Accompanied by family and friends, Bosa appeared at Lincoln Financial Field wearing a 49ers jacket ready to support his brother. However, he couldn’t help but get “hooked” by the screams and confronted the fans.

“When are the Chargers playing this week? Here’s the non-playoff player. What will those seats be like?” an Eagles fan tells him.

“I can pay them. I’m rich and you’re a poor bitch” answered Bosa with a drink in his hand. Then his partner turned him around and led him into the stadium. Finally, his brother did not have a great night either when he was eliminated and was on the verge of playing in the Super Bowl.

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