Hurricane fell in Goya in front of América de General San Martín

Huracán de Goya suffered a hard setback last night at home against América de General San Martín in the “first leg” match for the semifinal of the North Coast Region of the Regional Federal Amateur Tournament (Trfa) 2022/23.

Sergio Ayala, when the 90 minutes of play were up, made the difference for Aurirrojo.

With the exception of the first minutes of each stage, in which they showed superiority, Sabalero did not have a good game against a team from América that stood up well from midfield to the back.

Thus, the first half went without emotions in front of the goals. The match improved in the second half, because the locals came out of the locker room more determined, as in an overflow from Zarantonelli who took a shot that crossed the front of the goal without any of his teammates being able to push.

Huracán also arrived at this stage through the ball, when Ferragut rose free of marks, but headed a Torgoff corner wide.

América, who began to feel the wear and tear, surprised with a good twist in the box by Caballero, who left his mark snubbed to take a shot that Cantero parried with both hands.

The clearest play of the match was a projection by Pinat. The winger-midfielder, who was well contained by Cristian Sandoval, entered the area from the right and when Lezcano came out he took a tremendous shot that bounced off the vertical.

On the other side, Caballero took a free kick that Cantero sent to the corner, throwing himself against the near post, while in the opposite area, the admitted Sosa headed a Vallejos cross wide.

The changes and the interruptions due to injuries were distorting the game in the last minutes, which suited América, which was taking a good result away from home.

When nothing made it foreseeable, Huracán’s defense fell asleep on a long ball on the right. The admitted Escalante won the cross from Ferragut and threw a cross behind that Ayala connected with a first-rate right hand that stuck in the corner. Great goal.

Hurricane tried to react, but couldn’t. América achieved a great triumph and will define at home in the rematch.


Rafael Palacios.



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