Human foosball, archery, ‘showcooking’ or music to celebrate Youth Day

A Estrada will take advantage today of the truce announced by the weather forecasts to celebrate the Youth Day. It will be supported by the Council Program, promoted by the General Directorate of Youth of the Xunta de Galicia. Human table football, archery, show cooking or music from local groups will be some of the attractions present in a 400-square-meter tent which will be installed at the foot of the consistorio –in the Praza da Constitución– between 16.00 and 21.00 hours. The general secretary of Equality, Susana López Abella, and the general director of Xuventude, Participation and Volunteering, Cristina Pichel, will present the program at 16.30.

The day will shell out a large number of activities based on the following categories: healthy gastronomy, educational leisure, environmental awareness, gender equality, employability skills, revitalization of the environment, graffiti and information point about Xuventude programs.

healthy gastronomy

Thus, to address healthy gastronomy, two activities are planned: the educational game Nutrivial and a showcooking. With Nutrivial, healthy habits and positive effects on the body will be revealed. The participating people will have to spin the wheel and answer the questions proposed on the categories of balanced eating, allergies, diets and diseases, mental health, curiosities and physical activity and sports. Moving on to practice, there will be a showcooking with healthy and local ingredients. After a first part in which the recipe will be explained, the second phase involves the active participation of attendees, who will have to prepare the dish with the ingredients provided.

In section educational leisure four activities are proposed: bubble football, human table football, archery and slak-line. The first will test the psychomotricity and balance of young people. They will have to get into a big bubble and, by teams, try to get another smaller ball into the opposing team’s goal. The human foosball game will take place on an inflatable soccer field. Each of the players will be subject to a bar and can only hit the ball with their legs. The team that scores five goals first or reaches the highest score in the given time wins. Archery will have a wide space to test aim and Slake-line is a balance sport that consists of walking on a tape attached to two fixed points, tense enough to perform movements and even acrobatics on it.

To raise awareness in environmental matter, the Xunta proposes four initiatives. The first one will address climate change, with a video forum part where debate will be promoted by viewing various videos. There will also be time to experiment, so that attendees can learn about climate change in a fun, entertaining and illustrative way. There will also be a short talk on biodiversity and also on recycling, following the rule of “3R”. A workshop will come after her in which attendees will reuse waste material to make new objects.

Against sexual violence and toxic relationships

Through the game, young people will be able to receive education on gender equality. In the first, by spinning a spinner, participants will have to analyze the action or behavior related to sexual violence. They will be examples of situations of harassment, abuse and sexual assault. On the other hand, based on a roll-up with the design of a thermometer, different attitudes and behaviors that can occur in a relationship will be presented in stages. Numbered from 1 to 10, those who usually enjoy greater tolerance will be cited and, gradually, manifestations will be exposed that show that we may be facing a toxic relationship. In terms of employment, activities linked to the preparation of creative curricula and preparation for interviews are planned.

Graffiti workshop, “photocall” and stage

Another part of the big tent that will be installed today in A Estrada will have a space reserved for teaching about the handling of sprays and different techniques for creating graffiti. The workshop will start with the making of signatures and, later, some simple figures will arrive. There will also be a musical area, in which a DJ will be permanently playing ambient music. A photocall and stage will also be set up so that emerging local artists can perform at the end of the activities.


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