Hugo Rodallega and the possibility of reaching America is not as real as it seems: its cost is high | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

2023 began and while Colombian soccer is still on vacation, the transfer market is still open and several teams have not yet decided which other players to hire to improve their squads for the BetPlay League opening tournament.

One of the teams that has moved constantly has been the cali americawho renewed his star Adrián Ramos and also hired Franco Leys, Cristian Barrios, Carlos Darwin Quintero, Facundo Suárez and Andrés Sarmiento, but in many scarlet fans they only expect another weight contract and it is that of Hugo Rodallega.

However, after the recent signings in this area of ​​the field, América de Cali would not be contemplating the arrival of Hugo Rodallega, although Compared to previous times, they have already entered into conversations with the player and at a slow pace they have been negotiating, but its high cost makes it impossible for Scarlet and any other Colombian soccer team.

The only real thing for the moment about the arrival of Hugo Rodallega, is that it is only a request from the fans and despite the approaches it seems that his arrival at Alexandre Guimaraes’ team is not a priority.

It must be remembered that Hugo Rodallega is 37 years old and has spent most of his career in Europe, but after leaving the old continent, he had the option of going to Bahía de Brasil, but after finishing his contract, he continues to listen to offers to continue his career as a footballer.



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