“How will it end” – Libero Quotidiano

Il Milan it has now plunged into a crisis of no return. The Rossoneri after the 5-2 right away with Sassuolo in fact they have to deal with the darkest moment of Pioli’s management. The team has been demotivated for weeks and the key men who brought the Scudetto to Milan last year seem to have disappeared into thin air. The 5-2 with Sassuolo is perhaps the lowest point of this season.

The position.  Milan is in disarray: whoever ends up immediately on trial |  Look

At the end of the game, the Milan players apologized to the fans by going under the curve but in fact the feeling is that a cycle has ended after almost two years of positive results. Of course, there is also a lack of Ibratrue motivator of this group that has lost all contact with the reality of a classification that now also puts a placement at risk Champions. But in Milan’s defeat there is also a curious background that has gone viral on social media: a fan tweeted last Saturday, therefore one day before the match against Sassuolo: “I dreamed of Milan-Sassuolo 2-5, then I woke up to the earthquake”, referring to the tremors in Emilia a few days ago. And now that tweet has really gone viral on social media. A real prophecy that announced the Rossoneri disaster and the historic feat of Sassuolo.



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