How to live longer: according to a study, these sports increase longevity

How to live more through sport: According to the results of this study, you should practice these disciplines.

Would you like it start the year practicing a new sport? It is well known that physical exercise has a positive effect on quality of life. It is also said that sport is good for health. But, what is the best sport? Hard data on this has been scarce up to now. According to the study, physical activity can prolong life. And the results are even more concrete because they show that certain types of sport are more effective than others and, therefore, more beneficial when it comes to increasing life expectancy.

Study: these are the sports that prolong life

The scientists behind the “Copenhagen City Heart” study, published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, examined the life expectancy of 8,500 healthy adults. They compared the data with the sports they practiced. They came to the conclusion that the tennis it was the miraculous elixir to live a long lifesince, according to the data obtained, it could lengthen it by about 9.7 years.

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Tennis is closely followed by badminton (6.2 years), soccer (5 years), cycling (3.7 years) and footing (3.2 years). Scientists explain the effect of these sports on a person’s life expectancy with various factors.

Team sports in particular are more beneficial for health

On the one hand, the social component plays an important role, as scientists discovered. If we look at the results of the study, team sports stand out especially. “Playing and interacting with other people probably has unique psychological and physiological effects,” explains James O’Keefe, co-author of the study. According to “Fit For Fun,” team sports can control satisfaction, because you are emotionally involved and at the same time maintain social contact.

Lifestyle and income are also deciding factors. Not only by practicing certain sports, you can also eat better and live healthier thanks to a high income. Another factor in the increase in life expectancy is the infantile instinct to play, who wakes up, for example, playing badminton.

sport is decisive

By last, the intensity of a sport is also important. Tennis tests the whole body, requires strength and stamina, and there are lots of repetitive intervals. Scientists assume that this technique is especially beneficial for fitness and health.



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