How much does an NFL kicker make? The highest paid part-time

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One of the less exciting positions, but most important within the NFL is the kickersince their actions tend to tilt the results either in favor or against, which leads organizations to seek the best possiblecon commensurate wages the time they remain within the field and the importance of their interventions.

Without actually being compared to the best salaries in the NFL (such as the $50.2 million received by quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers), items such as Justin Trucker ($6 million a year with Baltimore Ravens), Jason Myers (5 con Seattle Seahawks) y Chris Boswell (5.2 with the Pittsburgh Steelers) manage to stand out in a very competitive universe of players, which shows their relevance.

And why does Tucker stand out? The 33-year-old player has records that lead to understanding, since his hit rate is around 91 percentin addition to boasting the best field record in history with a 66-yard field goal vs Detroit.

How much do NFL kickers make on average?

In total, for the 2022-2023 season, 44 kickers were registered in the NFL books, which they earn about 110 million dollars between all of themwhich would return a average of 2.5 millionaccording to figures disclosed on the page Spotter.

Despite this average, there are also cases in which aspiring to that average sounds illusory, as is the case of Austin Seibertwho only makes $695,000 a year with the Detroit Lionswhich makes him the lowest paid currently.

The highest paid kickers in the NFL in 2023

  1. Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens: $6,000,000
  2. Jason Myers, Seattle Seahawks, $5,275,000
  3. Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers: $5,000,000
  4. Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons: $4,850,000
  5. Graham Grano, NY Giants: $4,666,667


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