How many years could I go to jail? Part time

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Dani Alves is involved in the controversyafter the situation that is going through a accusation he received for sexual abusewhich prevents him from being present with Pumas to play the Clausura 2023 of Liga MX.

the brazilian will have to declare before the Spanish authorities And if you’re guilty, could spend a few years in jail.

According to information provided by Antena 3, the former Barcelona player he will have to testify, but he will do so as a detaineewhich makes the situation even more delicate.

Alves traveled last week to Iberian lands to accompany his wifewho unfortunately he lost his mother. Being there, it was that the complaint against him returned to take force and for the same reason, he began his legal process.

What are they accusing Dani Alves of?

In the last days of 2022, football player 39 years old went to a nightclub in Barcelona accompanied by his friends, where would have touched a woman in her private parts without her consentaccording to the accusation that she herself made.

How many years could he spend in jail?

Should he be found guilty, the legendary winger You could be deprived of your liberty for a year or up to 12depending on the severity of the situation.

The problem that the Brazilian is going through greatly complicates his return to Pumas to dispute the present Clausura 2023.



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